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Drinking water safety should be taken seriously, the best ma

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These years frequent burst of safe drinking water, let modern people such as vegetation startling, slightly "wind sways grass" on guard. Not long ago, burst out of the "poison" things, the high manganese steel kettle is undoubtedly a "broken arrow", consumer psychology --. "High manganese steel" after all is safe as no matter, but it was felt to consumers in the short term around. In order to be safe, most people will generally avoid risks, choose a safer and more efficient electric kettle. From now public opinion, high borosilicate glass material with its safety level activities baby, get a lot of consumers, the successful release of many people to "high manganese steel" frightened mood.
So, after all, what are the advantages of high boron silicon raw material? First, high borosilicate glass is a kind of special glass raw materials made by fine processing, has very good thermal stability, chemical stability and electrical functions, not in the process of cooking water due to impurities in the raw materials of high temperature heating and separation, function is very stable. So this kind of material is used in baby bottles, the safety is very high. Secondly, glass raw material is clean and the water boiling process, glance, this is the metal materials can not match the electric kettle. And, in the process of boiling water dust visible and easy to clean, simple more simple more than general clean electric kettle.
Now on the market compared to the representative of the high borosilicate electric kettle has a bear. In accordance with the rules of the strict selection of the safety of raw materials, raw materials made of high borosilicate glass raw materials, to achieve the safety standards for the level of baby bottles, drinking water health is guaranteed. In addition, the bear's high borosilicate glass kettles and chassis are used to choose the food grade 304 stainless steel raw materials, to achieve food safety standards, to give more security to boil water. At the same time, also set a number of planning for the blue heart, heat setting, handle settings and so on, the common advantages of Winnie the kettle was displayed fully and delightfully.

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