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Hebei Fujing New Material Science And Technology Ltd is located in Xingtai Economic Development Zone, was founded in 2014 to research and development, production, processing and sales of special glass as the main direction of the development of science and technology enterprises. The company's latest product is borosilicate float glass, aluminum silicate float flat glass is still under development.
Borosilicate float plate glass referred to as borosilicate flat glass, or borosilicate flat glass, the company's first production line has been completed and put into operation, the second part of the project has been completed.
Borosilicate glass
There are two kinds of products is a borosilicate flat glass, borosilicate 3.3, performance in line with the international standard ISO 3585 regulations, the other is borosilicate 4, suitable for monolithic fireproof glass; has excellent water resistance, impact resistance, chemical corrosion resistant. Because of high temperature and temperature resistance, also known as heat-resistant glass.

ADD:No. 2888 Zhenxing Road, Xingtai Economic Development Zone, Hebei, China   TEL:0319-5992666、15832951789   
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